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Best wedding website buildersIf you’re ready to start working on your wedding website, you might be overwhelmed by your choices… which are the best wedding website builders? Is there a free wedding website template that’s any good?

We’ve done some digging for you so can skip the headaches and build a site you love. Here are our favorites, the very best wedding websites:

1. eWedding.com

This is far and away the cream of the crop when it comes to wedding websites. It’s a pay site that ranges between $5 and $15 per month, but it has a free option as well. Potentially pricey if you want to spring for premium features, but you do definitely get some cool features you just can’t find anywhere else.

The biggest distinguishing element of eWedding.com is its wedding email feature. Basically, it lets you set up customized email addresses that match your personal URL (yes – you do get a personalize wedding website address – so cute). So if your site is KathrynlovesFraser.com, you might set up RSVP(at)KathrynlovesFraser.com or ContactUs(at)KathrynLovesFraser.com. This can be a really cool way to keep your wedding guests super organized and on track.

best wedding website builders

eWedding has cute themes!

eWedding.com also has hands-down the best site layouts around. They’re easy to navigate and there are lots of fun features like photo galleries, music, polls, quizzes (e.g. “Where did Fraser propose?” multiple-choice questions), and much, much more. Their templates are absolutely beautiful and just a lot of fun to look at and peruse. Your guests will definitely give you the thumbs-up.

The downside? There are only 25 templates and, although they’re gorgeous and you can customize the colors of each one, you might have a tough time finding one that exactly suits your vision for your wedsite. However, if you do happen to find one that works for you, you’re sure to find eWedding.com a high-quality, super user-friendly builder.

2. Wedding Paper Divas Free Wedsites

I’m kind of in love with wedding websites by Wedding Paper Divas for a whole lot of reasons. First: their designs are beyond stunning – like seriously gorgeous. Second: they are free free free! Third (and most important!): their websites coordinate with their top 40 bestselling wedding invitation designs.

Seriously, how amazing is that?? If one of the goals of your wedding website is to introduce the overall theme and tone of your wedding, what better way to do it than with a site that will MATCH your wedding invitations? Love it.

best wedding websitesWedding Paper Divas’ free wedsites also are feature-packed. Get unlimited photos, your own blog, and super easy editing for even the most computer illiterate brides. Even cooler: you can add multiple events, so guests can RSVP separately for your wedding, engagement party, rehearsal dinner… anything you want!

Add items from any website on the internet onto one universal gift registry

Overall, free wedsites by Wedding Paper Divas gets a big thumbs up for being among the very best wedding websites. I guess the one downside is that their designs don’t coordinate with EVERY wedding invitation on their site; just the top 40 – but whether you choose to go matchy-matchy or not, their designs are still completely breathtaking.

3. WedSimple.com

WedSimple is another paid option, but the sheer number of awesome features makes it well worth it. Not only can you build your website and choose from a whole bunch of gorgeous designs and colors (and you can even choose your own layout, something most sites don’t let you do), but you can actually plan your wedding, too.

WedSimple has a great guest list tool and wedding budgeter. It also offers RSVP with meal preference options (something many sites don’t have), a reception seating planning tool, Facebook integration, your own blog to update whenever you like… and so much more.

free wedding website template

One of the many of easy-to-use templates

Packages range from $10 per month to a flat, one-time fee of $80 – and they do have a free trial to check out, so you can see if you like it without cost or risk.

The one downside of WedSimple is that the builder itself looks a little outdated… but the functionality and features more than make up for it. And the finished product – your wedding website – will look beautiful, and isn’t that what really matters? You can try WedSimple.com here.

4. The Knot Wedding Website Builder

The Knot is the U.S.A.’s most popular bridal website for a reason: it’s got some fabulous tools. Their wedsite builder is clean, easy to use, and highly customizable. You won’t get the extensive fun features of Wedding Tracker or eWedding, but it is 100% free, which is a big plus for budget brides. (Start yours now!)

The major pros for the Knot’s site builder are its online RSVP that coordinates with your guest list, the built-in search tool for your online registries, and its 20 gorgeous, customizable designs. They might not match your colors exactly, but for free, you can probably get close enough! For extra fun, you can even find wedding favors in The Knot Wedding Shop that coordinate with your website. How cute is that?

The Knot wedding websites are now giving away personalized dot com addresses, too. Pretty cool!

The Knot’s big con is the very limited number of photos you can upload to the site and limited layout options. If you’re content with just a few pics of the two of you though, you can be comfortable that you’re making a pretty solid choice with this one.

4 thoughts on “Top 4 Best Wedding Website Builders

  1. tara says:

    Can someone please recommend a website design or template with a music theme? I can’t believe it’s this hard to find. I hope I just haven’t seen it yet… I will keep looking through all of the sites’ various templates but music – as a theme – not rocket science is it?? Thanks!

    1. Hi Tara! What about this one? mywedding.com/apps/public/mw/mysite_styles.php?keywords=music

  2. Nadine says:

    We were using weddingdonkey.com to create our own wedsite. They have pretty cool templates and it was really easy to set up…

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