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Questions to Ask a Wedding DJA great wedding DJ is an amazing asset for your reception – but it’s critical that you know the right questions to ask a wedding DJ before you hire anyone.


Unfortunately, TONS of wedding DJs simply, well, suck.

Any schmo can rent some gear, burn some illegal CDs, show up for your wedding, and throw a (crappy) party. But it takes an actual professional wedding DJ to make sure your party becomes legendary for your guests. It pays to know the right questions to ask your wedding DJ before you hire him!

Don’t miss these questions to ask a wedding DJ:

1. Are you licensed? In order to legally play music at your wedding, DJs must belong to some type of licensing body, such as the ADJA. If they don’t, it’s a sure sign they aren’t a reputable company.

2. What type of equipment do you use? You don’t need to be an AV guru to ask this question. A visual inspection on your part should give you a good or bad feeling about the appearance and maintenance of the equipment.

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3. What’s your typical show like? If your DJ tells you he doesn’t have regular mustic sets, he’s lying. Certain groups of songs tend to work for many weddings, so he should be able to run you through how he orders his songs and why.

4. What does your setup look like? Quality DJs should be able to show you photos of their setups. Look for classy, clean looks without a lot of cables in sight. If they have an ugly advertising banner or tacky standard decor (like balloons), decline them if that’s what you’d prefer. Be warned that they may expect to get a table cloth from your caterer, so be sure to ask that question and plan accordingly.

5. How does setup, music, and tear down work? What time will the DJ arrive? Does he require dinner? How long will he play for? Do you have the option for overtime if the parties still rocking at 1:00am? Will they play your ceremony if needed? Choose a DJ who can set up before your event (not during dinner, especially if the dance is in the same room) and is flexible on playing hours.

Overall, be sure to select someone you’re comfortable with. The entertainment portion of your evening will be the deciding factor in how much people enjoy your wedding, so do your due diligence: get to know your DJ first by following these questions to ask your wedding DJ.

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  1. I don`t have any idea about this thing this article made me realize how important to ask questions.

  2. When you are looking for an experienced Wedding Disk Jockey you should consider several things. Every guest have a desire to listen best music on this special day that’s you should hire an experinced DJ,they often know how to deliver better results.

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