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Honeymoon Registry EtiquetteThe wedding world is alllllll about avoiding etiquette blunders.

So what about a honeymoon registry? A lot of brides believe they’re the best thing since sliced bread while others put them somewhere between throwing your own bridal shower and uninviting people to your wedding… in other words it’s a honeymoon registry etiquette catastrophe.

Waaaaay back in 2008, here’s what the Wall Street Journal had to say:

A honeymoon is a perfectly appropriate gift to request,” says Peter Post, president of the Emily Post Institute, a Burlington, Vt., etiquette think tank. “There’s no objection to it from an etiquette point of view.”

However, many brides still aren’t down with the whole idea because they feel like it’s thinly-veiled way of asking for cash – another major wedding no-no. Their answer to the question “Is a honeymoon registry tacky?” is a resounding “hell yes!” even if Emily Post says otherwise.

Hey, if you don’t like the idea of a honeymoon registry, just don’t do it.

But if you’re intrigued, consider this: a honeymoon registry is a FANTASTIC alternative for couples who already have everything they need and don’t want physical gifts. It’s not quite the same as asking for cash because you’re actually earmarking the cash for a specific gift that you can specifically thank people for (and don’t forget to email a pic of you enjoying your gift!).

Add items from any website on the internet onto one universal gift registry

So, is a honeymoon registry tacky if so many people use and like them?

In practice, most brides find that their guests love the uniqueness of a honeymoon registry. However, there are usually still a couple of old-fashioned family members who would prefer to get the happy couple a physical item. In these cases, does honeymoon registry etiquette even apply if someone is offended at the idea of NOT turning up to your wedding without a prettily-wrapped white box in hand?

For the ultimate honeymoon registry etiquette, why not have both a physical wedding registry and a honeymoon registry?

Surely you can think of a few physical gifts you could use… perhaps a fancy decanter or a new set of ultra-luxe silk sheets? (mmmMMmm!)

What do you think, brides out there? The “official” honeymoon registry etiquette is that it’s all good to have one, but what really counts is how you would feel about it. Weigh in: Is a honeymoon registry tacky?

2 thoughts on “Is a Honeymoon Registry Tacky?

  1. Heddi says:

    Honeymoon registries are brilliant and really an emotional and thoughtful contribution to a memorable trip. It’s also so much nicer and personal than just choosing from a registry to fit your budget. We see many happy couples using mytab.co/wedding for their honeymoon registry and saving for their trip. And using a honeymoon registry saves so much more time than hunting around from store to store or online for that ideal registry. Our 10c 🙂

    1. Phoebe says:

      I agree 100%

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