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military weddingsAll weddings are special, but there’s something extra wonderful about military weddings. If you’re a military bride, you might want to be incorporating some military wedding ideas into your big day.

The military bride doesn’t have to be all decked out in camo from head to toe (although she can if she wants to!). This part of our website is all about compiling those special military wedding ideas that are unique to the needs of a military bride. Whether your wedding is happening right before one of you is deployed or celebrating a return home – or whether you simply want to honor the military background and traditions of a loved one, this is where you can find all sorts of military wedding ideas to inspire your big day.

Military Wedding Ideas for the Military Bride

Remember that military weddings are special opportunities to represent the sacrifice that someone you love has made for your country. If a servicemember has played an important role in your life – or you and/or your spouse are servicemembers – then incorporating a few special military wedding ideas can be a wonderful way to say “I’m a military bride – and proud of it.”

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