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wedding checklist by monthLooking for a good wedding checklist by month? That is a super good idea because, let’s face it, the list of wedding to-dos is looooooooooooong – but breaking them up by month helps shorten the list, clarify what you have to do when, and keep you on track.

A lot of brides are looking for a 12-month wedding checklist, which is great because the typical engagement is around a year or so. But what if your engagement is longer? Are there to-dos to do at the 13-month mark? The 16-month mark? The answer is yes and yes.

Of course, what if you need a wedding checklist month by month that is SHORTER than a 12 month wedding checklist? Is it possible to cram all the to-dos into a smaller time frame? Again, the answer is yes. And we are here to help.

The Alternative Bride’s wedding checklist by month is personalized to your wedding date, so you know exactly what you have to do for your wedding, and when. When it’s time for your new list, you get sent an email. It’s as easy as that. (Sign up here.)

Why Our Wedding Checklist by Month Beats All the Others:

  • It starts at 16 months before your wedding and goes from there.
  • Shorter or longer time frame? NO PROBLEM! All of your wedding checklist month by month is available to you with just a few clicks, so you can speed up or shorten the process.
  • It’s personalized to YOUR wedding date, so you know what to do and WHEN.
  • It is the most detailed wedding checklist by month, period. You’ll get every last to-do so NOTHING slips through the cracks.
  • They are shareable, printable, pinnable… so your wedding planning is easy to keep track of and share with the people who are helping you.
  • It’s free – of course!

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