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Wedding Flower ChecklistYour wedding flower checklist goes way beyond the bridal bouquet.

Your florist plays an integral role in the beauty of your wedding by providing flowers not just for the bride, but for the wedding party, guests of honor, and for the decorations.

So, what flowers do you need for a wedding? Here’s a complete 25-item wedding flower checklist to go through with your florist. Not planning on using certain items? No problem! There is no rule that you HAVE to do any of this, especially if you’re on a budget and want to avoid paying the high average cost of wedding flowers. Just scratch items you don’t need off the list.

Wedding Flower Checklist:

  1. Bridal bouquet
  2. Flowers for bride’s hair
  3. Maid of Honor bouquet
  4. Bridesmaids’ bouquets
  5. Groom’s boutonniere
  6. Best man’s boutonniere
  7. Groomsmen’s boutonnieres
  8. Flowers for flower girl’s hair
  9. Flower petals for decor and/or flower girl’s basket
  10. Flower petals for guests (in lieu of rice)
  11. Boutonniere for ring bearer
  12. Flowers for ring bearer pillow
  13. Mothers’ corsages
  14. Fathers’ boutonnieres
  15. Grandmothers’ corsages
  16. Grandfathers’ boutonnieres
  17. Altar/other front-of-ceremony arrangements
  18. Pew markers or chair decorations
  19. Head table arrangements
  20. Reception centerpieces
  21. Buffet table decor
  22. Servers’ tray decor
  23. Flowers for cake
  24. Toss bouquet
  25. Arrangements for other areas (cocktail reception, entryways, etc.)

Average cost of wedding flowers busting your budget?

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Remember that you can use or not use any of the items above. Less-traditional brides may prefer non-floral centerpieces, for example, and if you fall into that category you may be able to come in under the average cost of wedding flowers – which is fab for budget brides.

Also keep in mind that many ceremony and reception locations are beautiful enough on their own and don’t need a bunch of floral arrangements. If you’ve already invested in a gorgeous space, you could save a bundle on flowers.

What Flowers Do You Need for a Wedding

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