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bridal shower theme/wedding shower themeIf it’s your job to dream up a bridal shower theme, you know that it’s not easy. You want something special and unique for the bride-to-be, but you also want something that appeals to the wide range of ages and personalities who will inevitably be at your bridal shower.

A wedding shower theme doesn’t have to be crazy to be different or to be fun… although a little craziness isn’t always a bad thing, either. The key is to weigh your wedding shower theme ideas against what you think people will like. Aim for a bridal shower theme that breaks the ice between people who don’t know each other yet – and don’t be afraid to think outside the box, at least a little, to create a memorable party for your bride-to-be.

5 Weird and Wonderful Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

1. Pinterest Party

OMG, this is THE perfect bridal shower theme for a bride who’s obsessed with Pinterest. You know how on Pinterest, people pin all kinds of cool things: craft ideas, homemade personal care products, easy DIY house projects, cute recipes, homemade gifts and art, and much, much more? Well, as you also know, most of the time those ideas just languish there on Pinterest and never actually get tried.

For this bridal shower, you’re going to look through the bride’s boards on Pinterest and see which ideas she’s fallen in love with and pinned for a rainy day. Then, choose the coolest ones and plan them for the shower! Prepare by getting the supplies ready ahead of time. Don’t worry if the results are bad or good – you’ll all have fun giving the ideas a try!

2. “Around the Clock” Shower

In this wedding shower theme, guests are each charged with bringing a gift from a certain time of day. So, someone would be responsible for the 7am gift (say, an assortment of gourmet coffees), someone else would be bring the 5pm gift (a cocktail shaker for martini hour, perhaps?), and someone would bring the 12am gift (some racy lingerie, maybe?).

If you choose this as one of your wedding shower theme ideas, don’t tell people what gifts to get. Simply assign them a time of day and get them to come up with a gift idea on their own (or you can help if they ask). Bridal shower guests will have fun sitting around and explaining why them came up with what they did.

3. The Book Shower

Add items from any website on the internet onto one universal gift registry

If you have a “bookwormy” kind of bride on your hands, a book shower might just be the perfect thing. However, you aren’t just going to get the bride a bunch of novels… the idea is for each gift-giver to give a book in a different kind of “category.” Here are some ideas:

  • A good read for the honeymoon
  • A great cookbook
  • A photo album or scrapbook to fill with memories from the bridal shower or wedding
  • The Kama Sutra (or other steamy relationship book)
  • A travel guide for the couple’s honeymoon destination
  • A blank journal to start on day one of the bride’s married life
  • A magazine (or subscription) on one of the bride’s hobbies, interests, etc.
  • A home-decorating book to help with nesting
  • A cute book about love quotes, marriage quotes, etc.

4. Scavenger Hunt Shower

This one requires quite a bit of planning, but the payoff is worth it. Start by writing a series a clues that take you to a variety of different places in your city or neighborhood… think fun places that people can enjoy as a group, like getting a drink at that cute local cafe, indulging in a massage, getting a manicure, seeing a concert in the park… you get the idea.

Give the bride her first clue, which should point to your first destination. Once you get there and do the activity, then you can give the bride the next clue… and so on and so on! End this wedding shower theme back at the host’s house, a nice restaurant, or an outdoor picnic, where the bride-to-be can open her gifts.

A variation on this idea is to make the scavenger hunt locations memorable places from either the couple’s lives or from the guest’s relationships with the bride. For example, you could take her to where she first met her fiance, where they first kissed, their first date, etc. Or, you could take her to the place her parents met, the place where she was born, her first school, her childhood home, etc. Get the bride to open one of her gifts at each location. Just make sure there is a car so she doesn’t have to carry everything!

5. Your Own Genius Idea!

Hey, you don’t have to come up with the wackiest idea ever to come up with fun wedding shower theme ideas. Could you plan something around the bride’s favorite hobbies?

For example, if she likes yoga, you could do a private yoga class with the guests than head out for organic bites to eat and a natural spa afternoon. If she loves gardening or crafting, try throwing an outdoor tea party with gardening gifts or a crafting afternoon where all of the guests get to make something nice to take home, such as jewelry, a recipe in a jar, etc. You could also do something unique like going out to a dinner theater or a piano bar… just something fun that people don’t get to do every day.

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