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dessy twist dressEver heard of the Dessy Twist Dress? It’s been touted as the perfect dress for bridesmaids, but it’s also pretty darn good for brides – not because you’ll be wearing one, but for a whole bunch of other reasons that basically will make you look like a rockstar to your bridesmaids. Here is our no-holds-barred Dessy Twist Dress review – enjoy!

Note: despite how much we like this option for your bridesmaids, this Dessy convertible dress is NOT a perfect option for every bride or every wedding (despite what Dessy may want you to think!). Your bridesmaid dress is an important part of your big day decision-making, so please weigh the pros and cons before committing yourself – and your bridesmaids! – to this or any other dress.

Dessy Twist Dress Review – 5 Things We Loooove (Plus a Bit of What We Don’t)

1) The Dessy Twist Dress is affordable – even more than you thought!

Yeah, if you look at the prices online, you’ll see that as far as bridesmaid dresses go, the Dessy convertible dress is a very competitive option, with prices ranging from $140 to $185. But that’s not the end of the money story: these dresses also virtually NEVER require alterations because of how they’re designed, which will save your ladies a bundle over virtually every other bridesmaid dress on the market. Also, the dresses are actually returnable, another virtually unheard-of pro in the bridesmaid dress world, so unlike other bridesmaid dresses, you aren’t out the money if you end up needing to go a different way.

In other words, even if you found a cheaper bridesmaid dress than $140, between alterations and possible returns, you’d likely still end up paying more.

2) It literally is THE dress to suit every different body.

Brides are always on the hunt for the perfect bridesmaid dress that will work on every shape of bridesmaid – but the reality is usually that some women will look better in some shapes than others.

Enter the Dessy twist dress: because you can style it lots of different ways (the website recommends these 9 options), this one dress literally will work for every conceivable bridesmaid shape. The type of fabric is also really good for varying body shapes and sizes because it’s a jersey fabric that drapes really nicely. There’s even a figure-flattering bandeau top you can buy for bustier bridesmaids and/or ladies who would like a little more of a conservative look.

Beware, though: there is a bit of a learning curve with styling the dress. Be patient and be prepared to practice a few times.

dessy-twist-dress-review3) Dessy Convertible Dress Is Fab for Most Weddings – But Not All

Here’s the thing: while we decided to do a Dessy twist dress review because we love this option, it’s really not for everybody. Yes, the dress will work for a lot of different types of weddings, brides, and bridesmaids, but you should AVOID this option in certain circumstances. Here are a few dos and don’ts:

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  • Do: Use this dress for destination weddings – the fabric is lightweight and will NOT wrinkle in a suitcase (as long as you avoid the chiffon option).
  • Don’t: Use this dress for extremely formal weddings. You may not find the fabric or the fits are luxurious enough to compliment the vibe you’re trying to create.
  • Do: Use this dress when you’re trying to create a mismatched bridesmaid look, which is super on-trend. Mix and match colors and/or styles to have bridesmaids that are coordinated, but not identical.
  • Don’t: Choose this dress if you want your bridesmaids to look identical. Because the Dessy twist dress is very flowy and not structured like some bridesmaid dresses – and because every bridesmaid may not tie her dress exactly the same way, even if they’re following the same instructions, you’ll find the dresses will always have a bit of an individualized look.

4) Create a look you love with a few simple pieces (or just one).

In the beginning, the Dessy twist wrap dress was just a single dress… now, though, there are several options to choose from. You can pick from four different types of skirts, including cocktail-length, full-length, short, and wrap (short in the front and long in the back, with a wrapped look).

There are also several fabrics to choose from: maracaine jersey, matte jersey, and jersey with a chiffon overlay. The dress also comes in over a dozen colors, so most brides will be able to find an option that works with their wedding (although other bridesmaid dresses, including other Dessy dresses that aren’t the twist wrap, often come in more colors).

Also, because it’s Dessy, you can get all the other coordinating pieces you need: shoes, hair accessories, purses, wraps, flower girl dresses, groomsmen apparel, and more. The colors can be identical or complementary – it’s up to you.

All these options mean that you can find a combo to suit most wedding themes (but see #3, above). Whether you want your bridesmaids all wearing the same look or you want them to choose their own dress styling and/or length and/or color, you can achieve the look you want.

5) You may have finally found bridesmaid dresses you can wear again (maybe).

Many brides have attempted to choose dresses that can be worn for more occasions than just one wedding. After all, your girls are shelling out a lot of money to be a part of your big day – it’s a shame to just wear that dress once, right?

No Dessy twist dress review would be complete without acknowledging that this may be the holy grail in terms of bridesmaid dresses you can wear again. Because these dresses are so¬† lightweight and versatile, your ladies may find that they can wear this dress to other functions, as long as they accessorize them differently. Would you wear this dress twice? What do you think? (Then again, the fact that it’s a pretty cheap option means that they don’t have to feel too bad about only wearing it once.)

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