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alternative bridesAlternative brides: this section is just for you!

If you want to be an alternative bride, it means that you’d like to do things outside the box on your wedding day and have one of those “alternative weddings” you’ve dreamed about.

For some people, being an “alternative bride” can mean really big things, but for others they are just looking for a little uniqueness on their big day. Whatever kind of wedding advice you’re after, this is the place for alternative brides to get the help they’re looking for in planning their alternative weddings.

Alternative Weddings for Alternative Brides – Articles:

Alternative brides have unique challenges ahead of them when planning their wedding celebrations. One of the biggest hurdles is staying true to what you want for your wedding while keeping everyone else on board. If you’re an alternative bride with an uber-supportive family, consider yourself lucky. Also, if you happen to be paying for the wedding yourself, you hopefully won’t get too much flak from the fam – but then again, you never know! Wedding tend to bring the crazies out of the woodwork for some reason – and alternative weddings in particular!

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Whether you’re looking for little ideas – like unique wedding cakes or hot wedding shoe colors – or bigger ideas – like an undersea wedding, proposal ideas when she is proposing to he… or something else equally awesome, this is the place to get the help you’re after. Our article database is growing all the time and we would love to answer any specific questions you have. So, if there’s something you want us to help out with, leave a comment below and we will get on it ASAP!

Congrats to all the alternative brides out there – you truly are the best. We are here thanks to you! Have the wedding of your dreams, your way. You deserve it!

4 thoughts on “Advice for Alternative Brides

  1. C Smith says:

    I’m not really a dress-wearing kind of person and I’m not much into wedding dresses, so I need some alternatives to the regular wedding dress for a simple ceremony. The only thing I really want to wear is white Dr Martens. Any suggestions?

  2. Stacey says:

    My partner and I were planning on a steam punk style wedding and were in need of some inspiration.

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