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military wedding vowsWriting your own wedding vows is never easy, but if you’re working on military wedding vows, you’ve got some extra thinking to do! Military weddings are often even more emotional than a run-of-the-mill wedding, so you want to write vows that reflect that special layer to your relationship.

All weddings are special, but military weddings often represent an extraordinarily deep level of commitment that goes above and beyond what most couples have to endure. After all, your military spouse could be called away at a moment’s notice, sometimes into harm’s way. You may not have time to prepare for their lengthy departure and you might not even know when exactly they’re coming back. So you have to hold down the fort – and keep your marriage together – while you’re apart for so long.

Your military wedding vows should reflect this deep commitment, as well as the sacrifice that you are making of not getting to be together all the time for the sake of the greater good. That’s a very big deal and it’s a sacrifice that should be honored on your wedding day – a commitment to be a loving partner even when your spouse is far away from home.

You also want your vows to reflect the pride that military spouses feel for their servicemember partner. Being a part of the military is a courageous and self-sacrificing gesture for the good of your country and, although it’s hard to see them go, we know you’re proud of them for what they do!

Another important aspect of your military wedding vows is the sense of responsibility and safety. For military weddings, it’s okay to go outside the norm a little bit and include a prayer or wish for your military partner’s safety when they are away from you, especially for those servicemembers who are called into active duty and fighting for our freedoms firsthand.

Sample Military Weddings Vows – For the non-servicemember

Here are some military wedding ideas for elements to include in your vows:

“I promise to honor the sacrifice you are making for the sake of our country.”

“I am so proud of the commitments you have made to protect our nation’s freedom and I promise to do what I can to uphold that commitment. I understand that you sacrifice not getting to be with your family as much as you’d like and I promise to do everything I can so you always know that you are loved by me.”

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“I will abide by our commitment today even when we are far away from each other. I will show my love for you whether we are oceans apart or in the same room. I will cherish the time we have together and make it my sacred duty to make you feel my love when you are far from home.”

“I pray for your safety when you are abroad. I will make it my responsibility for you to have a loving home to come home to.”

Sample Military Weddings Vows – For the servicemember

Here are some military wedding ideas for vows the servicemember is making:

“I promise to honor these commitments we make today, whether I am far from home or wrapped in your arms.”

“I acknowledge and honor the sacrifice you make by choosing a partner who serves their country. I am so lucky to have found you and I promise to do what I can every day to make you feel my admiration and love.”

“I will do everything I can to stay safe when I am away from you because I understand that I have a responsibility not just to my country, but to our life together. Every moment that we are apart, trust that I am thinking of you and counting the moments till we can be back together.”

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