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wedding countdown checklistIn exactly one year, it will be your wedding day! In the meantime, you’ve got some planning to do. Use these handy lists to make sure you’ve got your bases covered.

Choose your attendants. Spend some time thinking about who you’d like your bridesmaids and groomsmen to be, then ask them. Don’t worry about child attendants yet if you aren’t sure – and remember that kids who are too young now may not be too young in a year from now!

If you don’t have your ceremony and reception locations reserved yet, be aware that you may be under the wire. Lots of popular spaces are booked way in advance. Get these deets nailed down ASAP.

Keep working on your guest list. Consult with your parents to see if there’s any must-invites you haven’t thought of.

Meet with your officiant to discuss your ceremony options. Nothing needs to be set in stone yet, but now is a good time to be made aware of any rules or regulations specific to your venue (e.g. some churches don’t allow photography during the ceremony). Set up a future date to discuss things in more detail.

Send your save-the-dates. It’s never too early to ask people to plan around your wedding! Tip: don’t send save-the-dates to people you aren’t positive you’ll be inviting yet. You can always send out a second round once the guest list has been finalized.

Start shopping for your wedding photographer and videographer. Read this article on choosing your photographer before you make any decisions!

Add items from any website on the internet onto one universal gift registry

Finding inspiration for wedding invites, wedding dresses, color themes, etc.? Save pics on your laptop or in a scrapbook. They will help with planning and make for great memories down the road.

Update your wedding website. Post new pics (perhaps of your dress-trying-on adventures?), tell your engagement story, and give an update on the planning process. Here’s how to keep guests glued to your wedsite. Don’t have a site yet? See our faves.

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